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ACLEA Organizational Membership Rates
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ACLEA now offers Organizational memberships. Effective with the 2015 dues renewal period, Organizations with more than one CLE professional joining will receive per member incremental discounts. Each individual within your organization will still enjoy the full benefits of ACLEA membership, including access to the listservs and registration discounts for the conferences. The more individuals who participate in your organization the greater the per member discount.

Organizational Membership Rates

# of members per organization 2016 Dues Incremental Cost Per Member
1 $255
2 $460 additional members $205
3 $665 $205
4 $820 additional members $155
5 $975 $155
6 $1,130 $155
7 $1,285 $155
8 $1,440 $155
9 $1,595 $155
10 $1,750 $155
11 $1,865 additional members $115
12 $1,980 $115
13 $2,095 $115
14 $2,210 $115
15 $2,325 $115
16 $2,440 $115
17 $2,555 $115
18 $2,670 $115
19 $2,785 $115
20 $2,900 $115

ACLEA Annual Meeting Scholarships

The deadline for applications is JUNE 24, 2016

The Association for Continuing Legal Education recognizes that one of the greatest benefits available to its members is the chance to attend its winter and summer meetings. ACLEA also recognizes that there are some members who cannot attend meetings because of financial hardship. ACLEA is offering a limited number of scholarships to individual members to cover the registration costs for the 52nd Annual Meeting.

What Do the Scholarships Cover?

The scholarships cover the full or partial cost of registering for the educational segments of the meeting. Expenses related to ACLEA-sponsored social events, travel to and from the meeting, hotel stay, and meals are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient

Who is Eligible?

The scholarship program is open to all ACLEA members in good standing. ACLEA members may apply for a scholarship at any time; however, once a member receives a scholarship, he or she must wait two years from the date of the scholarship award before being eligible to receive another scholarship. Members of the Executive Committee of ACLEA are not eligible to apply for scholarships during their terms on the Executive Committee.

The criteria to be used to determine if an applicant is eligible for a scholarship include: financial need, number of programs attended in the past, length of time as an ACLEA member, whether the applicant is a presenter at the particular meeting or has been one in the past, and the size of the CLE organization to which the applicant belongs.

How Do I Apply for a Scholarship?

Applicants for a scholarship must complete and submit a scholarship application form ONLINE (or PDF to the ACLEA Executive Director)

Applications must be received by June 24 to be considered.
Decisions made and recipients notified by June 30, 2016.

Are the Scholarship Awards Confidential?

Although ACLEA may publicize the fact that scholarships have been awarded, and the number of scholarships so awarded, the individual identities of scholarship applicants or grantees shall remain strictly confidential.


If you have questions about the ACLEA scholarship program, please contact Laurie Krueger, ACLEA Executive Director at or by calling 651.265.7846