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“ACLEA’s Best Publication” Award
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Entry Form: “ACLEA’s Best Publication” Awards for 2018

Best Publication Category
Deadline: May 15, 2018

Eligible Products

Eligible products include books, online research resources, CD products, action guides, etc., but NOT seminar manuals.


The following criteria will be used to determine the recipients of the “Awards of Professional Excellence” and “Awards of Outstanding Achievement.” Please address how the project meets each of the criteria.
  1. Content: The editorial process ensures that:
    1. the publication is practical and well organized;
    2. the content is accurate and of high quality;
    3. statements of law are supported by appropriate authority; 
    4. the publication has an effective title.
  2. Style: The writing style is clear, easy to read, and avoids legalese. The publication embodies an easy-to-read design using quality materials and typography (i.e., the “look and feel”).
  3. Format: The information is easily accessible with quality reference aids and other useful components (e.g., indexes, tables, checklists, practice pointers, forms, forms disk or other electronic component, etc.).
  4. Market: It appeals to a broad spectrum of lawyers in the organization’s jurisdiction.
  5. Innovation: It demonstrates an original idea, or provides innovative content or an innovative format.
  6. Financial: It is cost effective to produce (include some cost and revenue information, if possible).
  7. Resource Use: The entry demonstrates effective use of the organization’s available resources, bearing in mind both the staffing and financial resources available to the organization.

Three Awards Each for Larger and Smaller Organizations

Three awards may be granted to larger publishers, and three to smaller publishers. The subcommittee will divide the entries into two groups, according to publisher size.

In each group:

  1. the best entry overall will win the “Award of Professional Excellence”;
  2. the second best entry overall will win an “Award of Outstanding Achievement”; and
  3. a new award winner (a publisher that has never won an ACLEA’s Best Publication award, or hasn’t won in the past 10 years) will win an “Award of Outstanding Achievement”.

    See the “How to Enter Checklist and Rules” for further details.