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Guidelines for Contributors
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In the Loop

ACLEA’s quarterly newsletter

Issue Deadlines:

September 1 (fall); December 1 (winter); March 1 (spring); June 1 (summer)

Writing for In the Loop

Thank you very much for agreeing to contribute to In the Loop. These guidelines are intended to serve as a general aid as you write, but we welcome your queries; go to "Questions?” at the end of this document.

Preparing an Electronic Manuscript

Prepare your article on a word processor (we prefer Microsoft Word), and email the file to any or all of the following co-editors: Christine Sanderman at, June Hahm at, and/or Linda Krushke at

Choosing Content

In the Loop’s co-editors are looking for thoughtful, well-written, original articles by ACLEA members that provide information on subjects related to continuing legal education, the ACLEA organization, or ACLEA’s members, committees, special interest groups, sponsors, or exhibitors. Please discuss your article idea with any or all of the co-editors in advance.

Because In The Loop is published electronically, we do not face a limited page count and can contemplate articles of various lengths. Authors often choose to write either:

  • shorter articles of about 600 words; or
  • lengthier feature articles of about 2,000 words (a longer article can be carried as a series).

Please organize your writing; use clear language and avoid unnecessary jargon; use the active voice; in order to keep the readers’ attention, break up longer pieces by using short, informative subheadings; and, if possible, provide graphic elements (for example, photos, illustrations, charts, or graphs). Please provide, as well, the following:

  • a brief biography (2-3 sentences);
  • a current photo (specifications: head or head and shoulders, landscape orientation preferred; black and white preferred; resolution of at least 300dpi; JPEG, TIFF, or PDF format); and
  • your publishable contact information (email address and/or telephone number) for readers who wish to make contact with you.

If you would like guidance on conventions regarding usage, grammar, punctuation, citation, and the like, please seeThe Chicago Manual of Style­ (16th ed.) (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010) or The Chicago Manual of Style Online (16th ed.) at

Using Quotations

All material must be your original work, unless you indicate clearly what parts are quoted or paraphrased from other publications, and their source. Please set out quotations of 50 or more words as block quotations, indented left and right, without quotation marks.

Obtaining Permissions

Fair use principles suggest that any quotation greater than several paragraphs should be used only with the permission of the original publisher. Try to paraphrase as much as possible, rather than quoting sources directly. If you have drawn from the work of others, please obtain such permissions in writing and forward them to the co-editors.

Editing at In the Loop

The co-editors of In the Loop will edit all articles for clarity, grammar, punctuation, and format. We may edit them as well for accuracy, appropriateness, and length. You will have the opportunity to approve and/or further revise the edited piece. The co-editors reserve the right to refuse any article that in our sole judgment does not meet our readers’ current needs.

Author Acknowledgment and Copyright; ACLEA Permission

The co-editors will publish your byline and your biography in In the Loop, unless you request otherwise. While you retain all rights to your work, you are granting ACLEA permission to reproduce, circulate, and/or republish your article without limitation.


Please submit your article by the assigned deadline. Please let the co-editors know immediately if you anticipate any difficulty in meeting this deadline.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any or all of the following: Christine Sanderman, June Hahm at, and/or Linda Krushke at