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Come for the Exciting, Revealing, Intriguing, Inspiring & Insightful Plenaries!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019   (0 Comments)
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ACLEA's 55th Annual Meeting | July 27-30, 2019

This year ACLEA's Annual Meeting features some outstanding plenaries that I’m sure will be of interest. All of our plenaries address the new and innovative themes that have arisen in continuing legal education.

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We kick things off with Brad Kolar, founder of Avail Advisors. Brad has served as the Director of Learning and Performance Strategy for Accenture and as the Chief Learning Officer for The University of Chicago Medical Center. He has worked closely with subject matter experts (SME) in a variety of industries and has helped transform programs from transient lectures to engaging, meaningful and useful experiences. Brad will impart the tools and techniques he uses with SME’s to shift the focus of our programs from passive information transfer to active decision making that our learners can use on the job to enhance their performance. Certainly, this will be a plenary session to remember!


We certainly strive to make our programs innovative and current, and attorney wellness is a good example. The statistics on the increasing rates of mental illness and substance abuse in the profession, and, tragically, suicide, call for some sort of immediate response. But, what is that response? None other than Orlando Da Silva, past president of the Ontario Bar Association, recipient of numerous awards for his work on increasing awareness and providing a message of hope, resilience, and strength, will lead us in a discussion of how we can help promote wellness in the legal profession.


In addition to changes in program format and content, we are also called upon to keep up with innovations in technology. Heard of block chain? Me too, but I can’t define it, or describe it. I’m definitely going to the plenary that demystifies this phenomenon so that I can better understand how this ledger system is ideal for managing transactions on both clients’ and attorneys’ ends. I also want to learn why some lawyers fear that block chain spells the end of the legal profession!


If block chain doesn’t tickle your fancy, what about legal incubators? Did you know that there are over 60 legal incubators nationwide? While they vary in form and structure, they all strive to produce young lawyers who are skilled and committed to bridging the justice gap while establishing sustainable law practices. This session will explore case studies on various approaches taken and resources needed to launch a legal incubator.


Finally, how do we continue to bridge the gap between providing great resources and services and getting a fair return on our investment? How do we even determine the price for all the resources and programs that we continue to provide and improve? Well, I’m no pricing expert, but luckily, George Dierberger, PH.D., from Augsburg University is, and he will give us a crash course on pricing strategies and approaches. It’s important to know what the market will bear.

So, there you have it. Exciting, revealing, intriguing, inspiring and insightful plenaries that will make your head spin from the winds of change that will be blowing in Chicago!

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