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Core Competencies and Curriculums: Editing and Publishing
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Editing and publishing of publications is handled by CLE professionals with many different skills. These CLE professionals include attorneys, publishing staff, copyeditors, indexers, outside authors, IT professionals, and other dedicated professionals. Every CLE professional who manages the production of a new or revised publication must be able to identify a new product idea effectively; prepare a return on investment; recruit and manage authors; enforce and manage to deadlines; ensure quality writing, editing, copyediting, and indexing; select the best electronic publishing hardware and software for the project; decide whether the product should be published in print or electronic format or both; and market the product.

CLE professionals engaged in producing publications require editing and/or publishing competencies. Such competencies include:

  • Gather customer needs information to identify new product ideas
  • Brainstorm new product ideas, do quick prototyping of ideas, test and refine ideas
  • Determine feasibility of each product idea through business case
  • Knowledge of editing, publishing, and distribution methods, standards, and practices
  • Knowledge of established reference manuals and guidelines
  • Knowledge of basic copyright law
  • Ability to apply rules of English usage to correct grammatical and writing errors
  • Ability to determine what document type is most suited to the content and audience
  • Ability to organize material, including determining weight and position in a document, document structure, and use of appropriate navigational aids
  • Ability to apply editing and text-publishing methods, standards, and practices in preparing documents for publication
  • Ability to synthesize, organize, rewrite, refine, format, edit materials while maintaining the integrity of the ideas
  • Ability to ensure consistency of style and information within a document
  • Ability to explain and defend editorial decisions
  • Ability to work with visual information specialists to ensure correctness, consistency, and completeness of final graphics and layout
  • Ability to aid in maintaining up-to-date writing/editing standards and guidelines
  • Knowledge about how to purchase print services and materials appropriate for the product
  • Knowledge of preparing and reviewing contracts, and negotiating terms in publishing agreements
  • Ability to evaluate and review submissions
  • Knowledge of your market and the ability to initiate, conceive and develop ideas for viable publishing opportunities
  • Ability to recruit author and editor volunteers and build productive relationships those volunteers and other external people
  • Ability to manage outsourced services and external people
  • Ability to manage a publishing budget and schedule
  • Explain how to research, identify, and evaluate new publishing technology
  • Identify relevant platforms on which content will be accessed to suit technology needs
  • Understand digital rights management (DRM)

Program Structure

ACLEA’s Editing and Publishing Management for CLE Professionals program has been designed as a series of nine modules:

A suggested order of modules is provided, although modules may be taken out of sequence. Click on the module name to access ACLEA’s Editing and Publishing Management for CLE Professionals program modules descriptions.