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Editing & Publishing Module 3
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For purposes of this module, production means the process of taking a manuscript or work and creating a hard copy/print or electronic/digital publication. The production module provides an overview of the structural design and functionality of hard copy/print publications as well as the structural design, functionality, and accessibility of an electronic/digital publication. It includes considerations about budget, equipment, technology/software, and managing external and internal contacts.

At the end of this module, the CLE professional will be able to:

  • Analyze the goals and objectives of hard copy/print and electronic/digital publications
  • Manage a publishing budget
  • Determine when work should be outsourced and how it should be managed
  • Build productive relationships with proofreaders, copy editors, graphic designers, freelancers, and other contacts that help in the creation of the final product
  • Determine whether hard copy/print or electronic/digital publication would be appropriate for his/her organization
  • Deal with vendors and suppliers when buying the materials and services needed to produce your publication
  • Evaluate the available technology and software for electronic/digital publishing
  • Identify the best structural design and functionality for hard copy/print publications
  • Identify the best structural design, functionality, and accessibility for electronic/digital publications
  • Build productive relationships with external contacts to facilitate the distribution of your product
  • Determine which finding aids add value to hard copy/print and electronic/digital publications

The following learning activities and resources support this module:


Publishing Software

  • Getting Started with InDesign, David Blatner
  • InDesign CC Essential Training (2015), David Blatner
  • Office for Mac 2016 New Features, David Rivers
  • Office 365: Word Essential Training
  • Photoshop CS5: Prepress and Printing, Taz Tally
  • Office 365: Publisher Essential Training, David Rivers
  • Introducing InDesign, Deke McClelland


  • Print Production Essentials: Prepress and Press Checks, Claudia McCue


  • Designing a Brochure, Nigel French
  • Foundations of Branding for Designers, Sean Adams
  • Before and After: Graphic Design Best Practices, John McWade
  • Designing a Business Card, Nigel French
  • Before and After Case Study: Information Sign Redesign, John McWade


  • InDesign CC 2015: EPUB Fundamentals, Anne-Marie Concepcion
  • Ebook Publishing Fundamentals, Jason Matthews
  • Creating EPUBS from a Word Document, Tony Harmer
  • Creating Fixed-Layout EPUBs with InDesign CC, Anne-Marie Concepcion
  • Adapting a Print Layout for Digital Publishing, Mike Rankin
  • InDesign CC: EPUB Fundamentals
  • Creating Ebooks for the Kindle, Tony Harmer
  • The Creative Spark: Stacey Williams-Ng, Interactive Book Designer, Stacey Williams-Ng
  • iBooks Author for Teachers: Creating a Lab Manual, Mike Rankin
  • iBooks Author Essential Training, Chris Mattia
  • Up and Running with iBooks Author, Joseph Linaschke
  • Creating Photography Ebooks, Mikkel Aaland

Developing Apps

  • Up and Running with PhoneGap Build, Chris Griffith
  • Programming for Non-Programmers: iOS 8, Todd Perkins
  • Developing Android Apps Essential Training, David Gassner
  • Android Studio Essential Training, David Gassner
  • iOS App Development with Swift Essential Training, Simon Allardice
  • Create an iPad Web App, Chris Converse

Read and/or listen to blogs, websites, and podcasts that provide tips and techniques for using publishing software.

Attend conference(s) that will make you more proficient in using publishing software.

Assess progress through individual meetings with your supervisor and/or based on whether you are able to implement the skills learned in the training videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.