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Editing & Publishing Module 5
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Develop and Maintain a Plan for Publishing

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This module is about creating an achievable plan for future publishing, fulfilling that plan, and building an identity for your publishing program. It includes developing strategy and priorities accordingly.

At the end of this module, the CLE professional will be able to:

  • Make and maintain contact with sources of advice and publishing ideas.
  • Base a publishing plan on reliable information about market trends, user needs and technological advancements.
  • Make sure that the plan is in line with the organization’s aims, priorities, resources and publishing identity.
  • Understand how to obtain and interpret qualitative and quantitative market information about your own and other organizations’ publications.
  • Identify and involve all relevant departments, bar association/law society leaders (where appropriate), and individuals in the development and implementation of a plan.
  • Determine plan targets such as the number of titles, formats and planned net revenue.
  • Determine budgets and resources required for achieving the plan targets with relevant people.
  • Identify the time needed for the creation, production and publication of each book or supplement on the publishing plan, and the optimum date for publication of each project.
  • Make sure that there are no conflicts between schedules for individual projects.
  • Monitor overall progress of each individual projects and the overall publishing plan.
  • Identify problems in time to take remedial action to avoid schedule publication dated being missed.
  • Identify and resolve issues affecting effective communication between individuals/departments where those issues have an impact on the publishing plan.
  • Define and work within any limitations and ongoing requirements for publishing.
  • Develop an outline schedule of forward publishing, including supplements to current publications, in line with your targets and budget.

The following learning activities and resources support this module:


Watch videos available on in the Business Skills Training, Business Valuation libraries. Suggestions include:

    • Running a Profitable Business: Revenues Recognition, J. Stice.
    • Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Cash Flow, J. Stice.
    • Managerial Accounting, J. Stice.
    • Finance for Non-Financial Managers, J. Stice.

Watch Stanford Publishing Courses for Professionals (one-hour virtual seminars)(2003-2008) (

Attend conference(s) that will build your skills and knowledge of the publishing environment.