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Editing & Publishing Module 7
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Edit Content and Maintain Editorial Quality

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This standard is about making the author’s message clear to the reader by editing content and ensuring, to the extent possible, that legal citations are correct and that a balanced viewpoint or point/counterpoint is provided when appropriate.

At the end of this module, the CLE professional will be able to:

  • Check that the manuscript is in a format suitable for the production processes being used
  • Ensure a consistent editorial style and tone throughout, keeping a balanced interpretation appropriate for the intended audience
  • Consistently and correctly apply house style and the individual style of the publication, including typographical, style conventions of content, and templates and style sheets
  • Ensure that spelling, punctuation, and grammar are appropriate
  • Mark and make the changes to content clearly and consistently in the most efficient manner for the production process to be used
  • Ensure that content is accurate, structurally correct, consistent, logical, and correctly cross-referenced and cited, with proper citation format
  • Interpret the content and the extent to which references should be checked, and how to do this
  • Raise and resolve editorial queries with the author or other appropriate individuals
  • Know the benefits and limitations of using editing software platforms, and how and when to use the appropriate platform
  • Identify common editorial problems and errors in editing, and how to address them
  • Know editing marks and how to apply them

The following learning activities and resources support this module:



Attend conferences/trainings on legal writing, publishing, editing, proofreading, copy editing, and grammar

Read and/or listen to blogs, websites, and podcasts that provide tips and techniques for editors and publishers: